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Eco-Exmoor Ltd, why use us as your Solar and Renewable Energy installer?

After over a decade Eco-Exmoor Ltd are able to offer all our customers the many benefits of our years of experience in the Solar and Renewable Energy Industry.

    • Speed of installation
      • Eco-Exmoor Ltd aim to provide you with a solar quotation within 48 hours of your initial survey.
      • Our skilled engineers can install a standard domestic solar panel system in around 2 days. Our aim is to help homeowners save money on their bills as quickly as possible.
      Professional service
      • Your quotation will detail the cost & size of your solar system, your fixed rate Feed in Tariff which is Government Guaranteed for 20 years, and also your export rate, not only can you save money on your energy bills, you can make money by exporting the electricity you don’t use back to the grid.
      • When working with Eco-Exmoor Ltd not only do you receive top quality work from one of the most knowledgeable renewable energy advisors in the South West of England, but each customer also receives their own personal project manager who will manage the project from the initial survey right through to commissioning the system.
      Quality of service
      • Quality of service is something Eco-Exmoor Ltd are proud to present all customers, fully accredited under MCS, working to MCS guidelines, we also adhere to the practices of the RECC, the Renewable Energy Consumer Code.
      Competitive prices
      • Eco-Exmoor Ltd continuously monitor new energy saving products to ensure we are able to offer the most competitive prices for our installations
      • Eco Exmoor Ltd have been in business since 2002 and all of our domestic installations come with an independent insurance backed warranty. Always research your company before committing to an installation.
      Locally based
      • Eco-Exmoor are proud to be a local Somerset based installation company and as such we believe we give better service and advice.

      We care about our Customers because they are also our neighbours!

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Eco-Exmoor Ltd are members of the Consumer Protection Association 
CPA approved companies undergo a strict selection process which rates companies on their professionalism, reliability and high quality work, so you can rest assured that Eco-Exmoor Ltd are a great choice to deliver your renewable energy installation to the very highest standard. 
Using a CPA Approved craftsman also means the work is carried out by a professional providing a high quality service, and, once completed, your Solar or PV installation has an insurance backed workmanship warranty. 


Should you have any more enquiries about the CPA’s insurance backed workmanship warranty please visit the CPA website: CPA

Read Eco-Exmoor’s Latest CPA feedback here:

CPA feedback

Eco-Exmoor Ltd
Incorporated in England No: GB 810 8887 13Eco-Exmoor Ltd are CPA Members
Directors: Sara Fairbairn
Registered Office:
Unit 45 Foxmoor Business Park
TA21 9RF

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