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Roth Heliostar 218

A high quality German made Solar Thermal collector which can be easily mounted on or in your Roof, to provide your family or business with free Hot Water.


High Quality case
  • Extremely resilient polycarbonate case (high impact, temperature, wind and ultraviolet resistance)
  • Lightweight despite its size (2,18 m² or 2,52 m² gross area)
  • One piece production means No joins and seams to leak.
  • Permanently resistant to corrosion
  • High-performance absorber
  • Highly selective, coated full-plate absorber guarantees highest performance
  • Optimum pipe connection to absorber plate
  • Excellent insulation
  • Thick-walled polycarbonate case
  • Backwall insulation 60 mm Safety glass
  • Low-iron solar safety glass that meets hail resistance class 1
  • Double sealing on glass panels
  • Modern design
  • Rounded case without corners and gaps
  • Dark colour for inconspicuous appearance
  • Collectors fitted in sequence look like one large unit
  • Installation benefits
  • Low weight
  • easy on-roof installation by clamp-fit mechanism to engage mounting rail in grooves in collector case
  • Optimal stability and improved optic by closer on-roof installation
  • Entire attachment system invisible after installation
  • Roth universal fastening anchor suitable for all purposes
  • Roth quick-fit system for ease of handling and fast line-up of collectors without tools
  • Polycarbonate case without sharp edges
  • Good grip provided by edge profile combined with recesses in case
  • No soldering required on-roof thanks to flat seal design of all connections
  • Installation-friendly accessories
  • Flexible usage
  • On-roof, in-roof, free installation or installation on facades.
  • German made with 10-year Roth system guarantee
  • Call today on 01823 652 611

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